May 19, 2021 Jack

Time for a pit stop!

We all need to stop and take on fuel, rest and recharge – personally, professionally and spiritually. How we take care of ourselves and what we fuel ourselves with is probably WON of the most important things to consider, and sadly, often overlooked. It’s not just what you fill your body/stomach with, but also how you fill your mind and spirit. You can be full of a lot of things (?) so take a moment to take stock of where your ’emotional gas gauge’ is at and what you need to refill with…

  • FAITH is ALWAYS greater than fear and the absolute best remedy for moving through that feeling.
  • Are you full of HOPE or full of doubt? There is a light at the end of the tunnel, just keep going! You go this!
  • You can be full of GREATNESS AND GRATITUDE or you can let stress win. YOU ARE WON OF A KIND!
  • Your PURPOSE is looking forward out the huge expanse of the windshield, not the tiny rearview mirror of the past. Eyes on the road ahead! ?
  • There is SO MUCH WONDER in this world, if you will only look for it!

Notice a great Pit Stop takes a TEAM! The driver doesn’t try to do it all by himself and neither, should you!

Who do you need to add to your team?

Now get back on the road friends! We still have lots of places to visit!


Won & Done!

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Your Direction

Where are you headed? Where do you want to go in your life and was there anything here that helped or made you think in a different way or of a different possibility?

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

What F5 vehicle or area of your life is the most important focus right now? Is there anything we can help provide or offer any resources? Is there something you wanted to see that’s missing?

Make A List

What ‘things’ are you going to do next? Is there JustWonThing that you can do right now to start you moving in that direction? What’s the smallest win you can create right now!?

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