Mindy is... beautiful ?, faithful ??, kind & loving mother ?‍?, a ridiculously awesome host & cook ?‍?, devoted & loyal, an absolutely amazing woman ?, loved SO MUCH by SO MANY! ❤️

Lover of all things kind & empowering, music, family & friends, animals of all types... and waffles!

Happy V-Day!

Good Morning Amazing WON! ?

I hope this finds your day off to an amazing start… full of faith on a Sunday and Valentine’s day all in ONE?! What the WHAT!?

I wanted to send a very special thank you for all that you have been to me this past year. You are one of the most amazing people in my life and I wanted to make sure that on today of all days, you know just how much you mean to me and how special you are! The friendship, caring, laughs and fun you have brought into my world have been some of the best blessings in my life – especially this year!

Thank you for being the amazing person you are and for being in my life. I hope you know that I will ALWAYS be here for you, no matter what. Maybe miles and hours apart in time and space, but always close in my heart. I ALWAYS want the best for you, will be cheering you on, and always here for whatever you need – especially waffles, hikes, pup walks and amazing conversations about a life of faith and fellowship.

Sending BIG LOVE and a HUGE HUG…

Below are just a few of our memories, but they are some of my favorites for sure!

Music for Mindy...

Happy Valentine's Day Mindy... miss you!