"We define as grandiose many schemes that, with God’s help, may fall well within our grasp."

Just WON Thing?

From the ancient wisdom of the Stoics to the latest research around psychology and neuroscience, we’ve all heard the advice to “focus on just ONE thing” at a time to get the best results. That’s a great tactic for getting one task done, but how do you use that wisdom to develop a holistic and winning strategy for your life in today’s crazy world?

Just Won Thing is a FAITH-first approach that is not just about a number but also the mindset of achievement that aligns your logical head, emotional heart and grateful hands to accomplish goals that will have an exponential impact on your life. We’ll show you how to use a powerful set of tools that we all have access and can be used to move you away from something in your life you’d like to leave or towards your next amazing destination.  And it all starts by making won choice in won moment of time and then taking won step in the right direction. We’ll be right there with you.

You can make a choice to Win One thing Now and learn how to…

  • Build a system for getting WON% better every day.

  • Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower.

  • Develop a stronger identity and believe in yourself.

  • Get back on track when you get off course.

If you’re someWON who recognizes that greatness lies in doing FEWER things BETTER, you’re in the right place. You’ve only got WON life to live, let’s make the most of it! 

YOU are the WON!


I know I have made some bold statements about accomplishing more with less and that my claims may even sound far-fetched to you. However, I also know the stories and results that have been achieved using the tools and methodologies that we’ll share on the road together.

We’re not talking life-hacks, short-term fixes, or artificial results – this approach is built to perform now and into the future. Much like the high-performance and highest class of single-seater race cars on the planet, this approach focuses on maximizing the performance of WON person, YOU! We take FIVE time-tested fundamentals (Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances and Fuel) to deliver exponential results in accomplishment, happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life.

I like to say that life is a trip… A ROAD TRIP! So buckle up, because you’re about to experience a new level of excitement and exploration in your life while maintaining a level of speed, adventure, and control you haven’t known before. Each element of The F5 Formula is like a finger on your hand that allows you to reach out and grip the steering wheel of your life and navigate the twists, turns and straightaways on the open road to your dreams.

What does it take to win the game, create an impact, make a dent, change the world, leave a legacy


All it takes is finding your WON thing.

WONce Upon a Time...

Podcast, videos and stories about the WONders of life.



WONce-a-day inspiration.

"Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently."


Won & Done!

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